Monday, September 26, 2011

Another member of the gang runs his big mouth....

This guy has been part of the problem because he wants our Social Security funds put into Wall Street. He, and many others that I call main stream con artists, have been lying about Social Security for years.

Let me state this for everyone's benefit: As long as this country exists our government which owns the system of money creation can never go broke, bankrupt, out of business, no longer able to afford to keep it's promises in American dollars, or unwillingly or unknowingly take away our benefits.

If the Feds do so it means that YOU VOTED FOR IT!!!!!

I also consider it a political attack on the Republicans which they deserve for scaring old people with all this cut the federal budget and throw millions of people out of work so we can beat Obama!!

Here is my response I've posted to this guys bullshit let me know what you think:

Gary Causer



Sep 26, 3:29 AM


SS is the return that I earned for working for
almost 50 years which is a contract between me and my government. It
doesn't matter how long I live, how much I have put into it, or how I
use it.

For all the con-artist trying to steal it:

 It's my money and you
will have Hell to pay to steal it.

My immediate family, 9 total, are
voters and will never vote for any criminals touching our insurance that
we will depend on in our old age.

Remember, every penny of these checks will be spent and every penny will
eventually enter your paychecks from that spending and be taxed and returned to the
Treasury. If you are serious about this so called problem then simply
have the general fund pay any short fall. Better yet, give everybody a
job, whether they want one or not, and the issue becomes self correcting.

P.s my family are almost all Republicans to the core!

Yes, Social Security Is A Ponzi Scheme—And The Government Is Again Giving People Houses With No Money Down
In the U.S., Texas Governor Perry touched the third rail of Social Security and called it a Ponzi scheme, which of course immediately made him the leading candidate in the "shoot the messenger" category.

Behind the rhetoric, we look at some actual numbers. No, not the unfunded liabilities, that's too easy. Let's look at what a heartless, un-compassionate man President Roosevelt was when he started Social Security (and that's what many will call me after reading this!).

Behind the tongue-in-cheek, there are some very real issues that do not get addressed when we talk about Social Security, but that need to be part of the discussion. And of course, we must start off with the results of the FOMC meeting, which has me feeling not at all amused. What are they thinking? Apparently, they are seeing the results from another, alternative universe. There is a lot to cover as I head off to London, where I will finish this letter.

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