Friday, September 02, 2011

Get ready for the "job crisis"...

yeah, Obama came back from vacation and went to the golf course and decided we must have a job crisis because too many people were on the course getting in his way.

Of course, a couple of years ago he could have fixed the problem because he and the Dems controlled Congress completely.

Then he lied to everybody who voted for him and gave all of our money to the crooks on Wall Street and the banks who got us into this mess.

Well, after another vacation he snuck into Washington and played golf with Boner and Boner stuck it up his ass. And the economy tanked even further and he had to take some time off.

After that vacation he announced he had a job program and it would be a cure for our problem as soon as he could swindle the Repubs who now own the House out of the money.

So he called up Boner and dingy Harry and ordered them to a summit to fix his fuck up. But boner said, ''no more Mulligans you s.o.b. I want to get reelected".

So that's why he'll get reelected because it's all (Bush's) Congress' fault and he worked reeeeaaaally hard to save our economy but couldn't get any of the bastard Republicans, who are stupid enough to obey their voters and tell him to go to Hell, to help him save our jobs!

Of course, I expect Congress to be big time Republican and then it will be an "interesting " time, don't you think?

P.s It's almost time for the President to go on vacation so expect another "Bush did it and it's not my fault" rant!!!Technorati Tags: ,

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