Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gee. who would have thought this....

Give Oba mama a campaign contribution and he gives you a 500 million loan. then you go bankrupt and just wear did the 500 million go?

Good thing the Supreme Court ruled this stuff as legal, ain't it?

You see supply side stimulus doesn't work! Send me and you the money and we will spend every fucking dime and revive demand in the economy instead of financing criminal gangs in Washington and Wall Street.

Oh yea, Perry took bribes from Merck and gave them a fortune in state funds to immunize little girls.

You can't make this shit up!!

Before Collapse and Goverment Investigations, Solar Company Solyndra Was a Rising Star - OpenSecrets Blog | OpenSecrets
President Barack Obama, the No. 1 beneficiary of campaign cash from Solyndra's employees, received $2,800. Of this amount, $2,300 came from Ben Bierman, Solyndra's executive vice president of engineering, with $1,300 coming during Obama's 2008 presidential bid and $1,000 being given to Obama in June.

Here is a table showing all of the beneficiaries of Solyndra's employee's political giving since 2006:

Recipient Party Total
Barack Obama D $2,800
Peter Schiff R $2,400
Democratic National Committee D $2,150
Barbara Boxer D $2,000
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee D $1,450
Gabrielle Giffords D $1,250
Dave Camp R $1,000
Dianne Feinstein D $1,000
Mike Haridopolos R $1,000
Alan Khazei D $1,000
Lisa Murkowski R $1,000
Harry Reid D $1,000
David Sanders D $1,000
Mike Thompson D $1,000
Mary Bono Mack R $500
Steve Israel D $500
Priorities USA Action D $500
Hector Balderas D $250
Kevin Brady R $250
Jack Conway D $250
Libertarian National Committee L $250
EMILY's List Women Vote! D $250
Total: $22,800

Now, however, few politicians want to be seen as close to Solyndra, as questions are being raised about whether the company improperly secured a stimulus loan thanks to help from the Obama administration.

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