Sunday, September 11, 2011

I don't normally agree with leftists....

But messing with Social Security is political suicide. If we really need to fund Social Security (we don't because we could print the bonds and sell them outright) all we do is make "all" income taxable and the problem goes away.

Also, it's only a matter of time til I, and most of my generation, gets a check that we will be depending on. This means an extra 60 million voters.

Or rioters.

Anyone remember the "catastrophic health care" bill passed by Congress 25 years ago? This was the copay plan for Medicare and seniors would be required to pay a couple of bucks for hospital stays. Boy, did the shit hit the fan!

The geezers invaded Washington by the thousands and Congress killed the bill immediately!

Remember that  politicians are not very brave and definitely not that smart to screw with that kind of power. And it doesn't hurt if they know my generation has  a 100 million guns out here!

Get the picture?

In the meantime, I still think that the Republicans have nothing but pygmies for the coming election and scaring grandpa by threatening to take away his hard earned SS check is not going to be very productive on the electoral front, do you?

And what about the liar in chief, Oba mama?

Big deal as long as he talks pretty and leaves their checks alone! After all, they're all liars and voters will feel we might as well settle down keep the one we got who can't get any new programs through Congress  blowing the budget.

And guys like me can simply bitch about both sides destroying what's left of our economy.

But eventually, the voters will throw them all out and hire some adults with a brain and solve the depression just like in the 30's.

Of course, that presupposes the guy wont be Hitler!!

P.s I'm going to have to write out how our "fiat" money system works but I don't like arguing with people who are convinced that governments can spend us into the poor house. They can't. What government spending does is create a system that controls everything you do and makes it impossible to live without government permission!

And that is much worse.

My pet theme is governments own us and are owned by the rich groups, who get together to stay rich, who bribe the politicians who control the government that controls us.

They use the budget deficit scare tactic to keep us on the run instead of rounding them up and prosecuting them for their crimes and screw ups.

You don't think our credit collapse fell out of the sky and bit us in the ass because it seemed like a good idea, do you?

Anyways, read what Perry, an immigration amnesty enthusiast, has to say about taking our checks:

  Rick Perry's Social Security Extremism: Why It Will Sink Him | Rolling Stone Politics | Taibblog | Matt Taibbi on Politics and the Economy
In politics, it's the same. Once a candidate like Perry comes out of the gate threatening Social Security, the game is up. All you have to do from there is make him say it, over and over again. Romney and Hunstman will obviously do just that. They have the next six months to make sure every elderly and soon-to-be elderly person in America knows that Rick Perry wants to take their checks away.

The other candidates ganged up on Perry last night and attacked him, in essence, from the left, trying to paint him as someone who will take away popular programs. The situation reminded me a little of 2004, when other Democrats suddenly started attacking a surging Howard Dean, calling him a wimp and a socialist who was "too liberal" to win a general election. Hackish grinders like Kerry turned Dean's antiwar stance (which happened to be morally right) into a political albatross, forcing him to own it in every public appearance while highlighting his own army cred.

The move succeeded in part, among other things because the press signed on to Kerry's logic and relentlessly portrayed Dean as a candidate with no chance to beat Bush. But the strategy also deflated the party's base, which violently opposed the war, and left the Dems with comparatively little energy and enthusiasm heading into the general election.

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