Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bringing us up to date….

Congress is going to pass a 1.1 trillion dollar budget. Restoring the cuts in military spending that SLOWED the economy and screwed the Republican campaign contributors….Still, the tax INCREASES on the working stiff are still there..

The economy is rolling and will now pick up steam as confidence is being restored that the Republicans won’t destroy the economy with cuts in a depression (you cut the spending in a boom to kill inflation).

I expect to see some new faces in Congress as the T-Party knocks out some Republicans and a few  Democrats….but nothing major..Incumbency in gerrymandered districts is pretty much guaranteed if the candidate survives the primary…

On the presidential race, the Dems are desperate to knock off Christie so expect a lot of attacks. Hilary will be pretty much glossed over except for books and movies telling us how wonderful Her Majesty is. We also are getting exoneration for her part in Benghazi. A shameful act but one which the political appointees could do nothing about it…

At this time, money is on her, but she has to reach to the far left and remind them she is not a right-winger…I would ask Senator Warren to be V.P.

Christie is the only one that stands a chance of beating her, hence the all out assault on him..He can raise a billion dollars and would be a Hell of a lot of fun on the campaign trail….Hillary by 3 points..

My prediction of the boom in the economy   will begin to be recognized this year and 2015 will be gangbusters…Only a Republican shut down could have slowed it and they lost the argument ( or nuke could stop it!)….most of the bank caused housing problems are gone or under control and the Fed will still buy up the rest of the junk mortgages…

Muffin and I are getting nomad fever and may just tour the country any minute now but what else is new….

Seahawks rule thanks to a defense that won’t quit … and “the beast”

Molon Labe….

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