Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Another controversy this time on Townhall.com

I couldn’t resist putting my two cents in. My big thing when we took out Hussein that it was a good idea. We put him charge and gave him billions to keep the peace and he went off on tangents..But, perpetual war is NUTS!!!…

Here’s my post:

Our wars have simply pointed out to the world that we are not the good guys. We murder their women and children they drive our airplanes into buildings. We pick and pay  dictators to rule them they riot and kill our citizens in embassies. We send troops to bring stability to their neighborhoods they blow our kid's bodies to pieces...(we would have been further ahead just drop the blood money from helicopters onto their streets)

Eventually, like 'Nam, we'll turn tail and leave. Anyone on our side will pay and the pentagon will have to think of some other way to justify their billions....The rest of us will rehabilitate the cripples and try to find a way of stealing their VA benefits. Not to leave out, robbing your Social Security check to pay for it! (yes they will try...)

But, remember this ....people without anything have nothing to lose except their God and dignity. Strapping a bomb on their backs or cutting your throat with a broken bottle is easy. They out number us by the millions.....They hate your guts!!

Molon Labe...

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