Sunday, January 12, 2014

An update on the economy….

Boom baby boom. We are virtually energy independent and will go into the 2015 presidential election year a roaring. (for the first time in decades we are exporting oil.

)No, repeat, no inflation and less than 6 unemployment……

Read this from Reuters because the “experts” (the ones who missed the depression), are troubled by the lack of inflation (not price gouging at the gas pump)….

Hey experts, Bernanke, and now Yellen and crew, control interest and inflation and it is too low….Told you so, nya nya…

It’s a tax increase last January on the working stiff and cuts to the Pentagon that have slowed the economy but the Republicans will surrender to get reelected and the deficit disappears as I have said all along because it’s all about jobs and  ..BOOM!

Reuters news:

"Because inflation surprised to the downside in 2013, it remains a wild card for the Committee in 2014," St. Louis Fed President James Bullard said on Friday, nevertheless forecasting it will edge up to about 1.6 percent this year.

Yellen, in her only interview since she was confirmed Monday, signaled she agrees with that take.

"The recovery has been frustratingly slow, but we're making progress in getting people back to work, and I anticipate that inflation will move back toward our longer-run goal of 2 percent," Yellen told Time Magazine on Monday, the day her nomination to the Fed chair received final Senate approval.

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