Friday, May 25, 2012

Vacation time.....

Bought this RV trailer, a 2012 Heartland north Country 29rks lake side. Not one of my better deals because I paid a bunch of medical bills with my credit cards and my credit droppped to 688. So, I traded my F-350 and financed 38000 for 12 years at 7% making the payments at 320 a month.

The truck was 335 a month and I'll save abouty 300 a month. by living next to Walmart, in gas and utilities. And when I sell the mobile here in Bonners Ferry, I'll get enough per month to pay for the new trailer. I'll also save the 180 a month lot rent.

The plan is to put Patti on Social Security and put her, for awhile, on 20 hours a week. As a people greeter this is not a problem for Walmart who has been wonderful. As a matter of fact,  the employees took up a collection and gathered  up 650 bucks and bought Patti a Ipad 2 and gave her  some cash for her trip.

I'll retire next year  from Walmart and take early Social Security and go back into business so we can travel and see everybody we know one more time.

I believe her condition will have her bedridden before we know it so I bought the trailer because I wanted her close to me while I work at walmart. We'll park in the back of the store and I and her friends can keep an eye on her while I work.

In the mean time, Yesterday I put Patti on a plane to California for Mary's graduation from grad school  so she can have her last great adventure by herself. and  I'm going fishing with my son, Jeremy, and getting away from it all. Monday the camper will be out of the dealers service shop and I move in at least during the week and go back to the mobile home on my weekends  and get it ready for sale this summer.

So, I no longer have the 350 but I still have the '97 F-250 which is paid for and I still  have to sell Patti's Suzuki as she can't drive anymore. We will keep the van, paid for, which has the power chair in it and that means  getting the insurance bill back to normal.

I'll post a few more times this week if anything seems worth it.

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