Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This guy has accomplished zip......

Remains to be seen if he becomes a Bush senior or a Jimmy Carter. Now if he was running against a conservative protestant he'd be toast.

No, I still think he'll sqeak by this November and no change over the next few years.

And as far as I'm concerned, the best thing would be "gridlock" and they leave our checks alone.

P.S if they were serious in Washington they would pass a sales tax and send everyone 10 or 20000 to stimulate the economy then steal it back as we pay off old debts and buy new shit.

And no, too early for them to do that because the people who buy the elections like it just the way it is because with a huge tax code only monster companies can compete and keep a grip on their market share.

In the meantime, we are still shopping for a RV as I plan on camping in the back of Walmart and sell out here next year and head south.

Check this out!

They'll throw in a 4000 watt generator. Where do I sign?

EDITORIAL: Obama, ceding from behind - Washington Times

President Obama is hosting two high-level international meetings in a week. He will offer his solutions to global economic and security issues. It’s doubtful the rest of the world is listening.

Mr. Obama’s international stature has decreased markedly since the heady days when he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize after only 11 days in office. He has done little to earn the “down payment” prize, and now foreign leaders expect little from him. In that respect, he lives down to expectations.

Mr. Obama’s address at the opening of the NATO conference is a case in point. He discussed his plan to “responsibly” end the war in Afghanistan, which is itself a misnomer; the war will not end, just NATO’s involvement. He made the same points he’s been making for months, stressing that the withdrawal of U.S. forces doesn’t mean abandoning Afghanistan, even though most observers believe that’s exactly what is happening.

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Pedata RV Center said...

I do not understand what is going on in Washington at all this is madness!