Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Some voters believe they can make a difference.......

Snowe from Maine, Specter from Pennsylvania, and now Lugar and several others I can't remember. And perhaps, Hatch from Utah, all fired or driven from office for pretending to be voting with conservatives.

The main problem is that in order to get the job you have to lie. If you don't toe the official line you can't get the money to run. Ask Rick Santorum. You can't do shit, like Ron Paul , even if you are the only fiscal conservative in the race.

But guys  like him are for changing Washington politics and it ain't going to happen no matter how many Tea Party candidates run.

But every generation has to learn that voting for the working stiff is a waste of time.

Tea party favorite topples Lugar, Indiana's 6-term senator - Washington Times
The race was widely seen as a key test of tea party anger against incumbents two years after that same sentiment disrupted a number of Republican races and powered insurgent candidates to wins across the country.

Already, a challenger in Utah said the race is a model for his bid to unseat Sen. Orrin G. Hatch, another veteran senator under fire for his record of trying to work with Democrats in the Senate.

Democrats saw Mr. Lugar’s defeat as an unexpected opportunity. Polls show their candidate, Rep. Joe Donnelly, would have lost to Mr. Lugar, but is running neck-and-neck with Mr. Mourdock.

Mr. Mourdock assured supporters that he’s ready to take on Mr. Donnelly and said he was grateful to hear earlier that evening from Sen. John Cornyn, Texas Republican and chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, that the national party is committed to his race.

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