Saturday, May 19, 2012

How do you get so many idiots in charge?......

The last time we had a depression these guys murdered each other for 5 years and we had to go in and kick their asses. Now, most of them will just have to start using our dollar and their problems would pretty much go away.


G-8 leaders put focus on European financial crisis - Washington Times

CAMP DAVID, Md. (AP) — Leaders of the world’s economic powers say Germany should balance its push for European fiscal austerity with doses of stimulus spending to avoid a financial calamity with global repercussions.

The Group of Eight leaders, meeting over the weekend at the Camp David presidential retreat, are trying to figure out how to tame Europe’s debt crisis while also increasing the demand for goods and spurring job growth.

In talks Saturday, President Barack Obama and leaders of Germany, France, Canada, Italy, Britain, Russia, and Japan were looking to build consensus even though a decisive plan of action seemed out of reach right now.

The G-8 session sets the stage for a far more consequential European summit next week where the countries that share the euro as their currency hope to come together on specific steps to fight rising debt while spurring a recovery.

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