Monday, January 30, 2012

What else is new.....

California is the land of fruit and nuts. Just check their voting records. Good thing Oba mama gets reelected and makes everybody follow their example.

Oh wait, Romney will be different, won't he? Or how about  Newt? Hurray, we are saved!

Oh yeah, Romney should win the Democrat vote tomorrow in Florida. We forget that Florida is not the south anymore because of the Latino and Yankee invasion. And the only problem Oba mama has is the Latinos are a solid Republican vote but if the contest is between two liberals.....

The liberal always wins!!! California's suicide pact continues: Green car edition
You're not smart enough to choose your own health insurance or your own light bulb. Why should your car be any different?

[California Air Resources Board member Sandra Berg] said a lot of work must be done to educate dealers to sell the new generation of cars.

Yeah, that's why California hasn't sold enough electric cars to satisfy their government overseers, because sales people at the dealers lack sufficient education to sell them. Berg has advice...

"Early adopters (of electric cars) are willing to go without heat to save the miles they need to get to their destination, but that is not going to help grow the consumer base," Berg said, referring to the range issues with some current electric vehicles.

That's right, Californians. Shut off your climate control. It's the California way!

There are really only two ways California's statists can achieve this ridiculous new regulation. The first is to appeal to Californians' environmental sensibilities which won't come anywhere close to achieving 1 in 7 cars. The second will be the cruel process of making all other cars prohibitively expensive through taxes (on cars and fuel) and providing Solyndra-like corporate welfare to companies with connections.

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