Monday, January 16, 2012

Internet out at the house....

Spent an hour with the tech guys on Verizon's new internet DSL vendor, Frontier. At least I got to speak with an American but he had to go through a bunch of worthless test that I told him were futile.

I figured either my router is out or the phone line.

Bought a router and I could access the router but it couldn't connect so I figured they shut off service, I called and confirmed they had my money so had  the tech guy check the line and said I had service coming in.

They are sending me a compatible router as every service uses their own.

I like being right as far as buying a router but with Linux not working I knew it wasn't my computer and I paid, as I pay all my recurring bills, by credit card, so it was either my line or the old router acting up.

These tech guys don't understand that Linux doesn't give a shit if Explorer is working or not. Maybe I know too much about computers and am a pain in the ass but I do know a lot about computers.

I'm still pissed the neighbour moved and I have to pay $30 a month now, LOL.

True, I could tap in my other neighbours, but that means cracking their security and pirating the signal. Yes, I know how but with my luck some smart ass would trace it to my house.

And yes, I can do that too.

What I can't do is check if my data line is receiving a signal or not but that's because I'm Lazy and know how to call a tech guy! LOL

But I am seriously consider moving into a RV during the work week and coming home on the weekend getting free Internet in town. We'll see. Patty won't let me sell out but with her upcoming retirement I need to continue working for 18 more months and get a SS check and go back into business. We don't like these winters but have to put up with it for now so I need to be closer to work.

That means I want her close by while I work to keep an eye on her as she is becoming more disabled every day. I can't afford a caretaker but can get Jeremy to help out if we aren't 30 miles away.

I plan on putting her on a plane next winter to one or the other girls house to visit during the worst of the weather.

We'll see.

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