Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Republicans had better win.....

God forbid we let the Democrats raise taxes on the rich!

Am I supposed to give a shit about and vote for a left-wing lying filthy rich guy who hires illegal aliens, fired thousands and ruined their lives and wears magic underwear?

What a joke this election is. Do you see any difference between McCain and Romney's politics?

Sorry. I'm still betting on the black guy.

MILLER: Tax advice for Romney - Washington Times
s decisive victory in New Hampshire Tuesday pushes the Republican primary closer to its finale. While the race isn’t over, the GOP doesn’t tend to like surprise endings. With the tax cuts put in place by President George W. Bush expiring at the end of this year, tax reform is more important than ever. The former Massachusetts governor ought to cement his lead by refining his platform with the best ideas from his competitors.

All the candidates say they want a flatter code, fewer brackets and lower overall rates, but former House Speaker Newt Gingrich led the field with the idea of giving people the option of choosing a 15 percent flat tax instead of the current convoluted system. Texas Gov. Rick Perry also supports an opt-in system at 20 percent. Both would keep popular deductions for mortgages and charity.

Alternatively, former Utah

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