Sunday, January 29, 2012

Economy definitely picking up....

Our sales are improving and when I went shopping for a RV they were selling pretty good. Remember, RV's are a luxury and can be a real pain in the ass to sell when the economy dumps so things are cooking in January.

At least, Oba mama will be happy. It's now his fault LOL.

Patty and I were informed at work that the people greeter job is being "fazed out". No one at the door of course, means open season for shop lifters .

After Patty retires I'm getting another job somewhere in the store so I can make a little more money. Maybe department manager so I can have the weekends off and restart my business.

I'm sure I can make more on the weekend and after May 2013, I'll be able to draw Social Security. Working for cash on weekends and getting a check for being a geezer sounds too good to be true!

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