Saturday, January 28, 2012

Like most "experts" who got us into this mess....

They don't know squat. With Europe in the toilet money comes back home and we boom. Remember Japan, INC. Yea, the Japs would out produce, out earn and transform capitalism and bury us. The money came back here when Japan INC exploded!

Today their economy is so senile  they can't fart!

Now we still have these guys in charge and we are still in the dark on how our system works. A fiat money system unlike a gold standard, is much more versatile and as soon as you and I remove our old debt and borrow again the economy will explode because we haven't bought enough to sustain the creation of new wealth that already exist. It takes money and we collectively don't have any.

Reason? We went collectively bankrupt in 2007, 2008 when our economy softened and the smart money went to oil speculation and gas prices crashed our whole economy. Broke dicks can't buy 4 dollar gas and still eat out, buy Harleys and RVs, pay 1000$ a month house payments with 700$ a month car payments, pay 300$ a week child care, or even leave the house!


How do you solve bankruptcy? Erase the debts and make sure everyone has an income. (let's not forget drill for oil, baby!)

That was my solution: cut everyone a substantial check and the depression goes away. We will spend every dime and borrow to beat the band.

Politically impossible doesn't mean we didn't have a solution just that Oba mama and the Dems screwed us by listening to their political enemies who have been wrong about our system since Nixon killed the Gold Standard.

$400 rebates for us consumers and trillions for the gang that owns our government and we wallow in the pits for 4 or 5 years. Those trillions should have gone to the people who  created it, us!!!

But but inflation! What about hyperinflation?

Did you see any when the Fed and our Treasury pumped 20 trillion or so into the world's banks in the last few years? Only that gas prices started skyrocketing under Bush and gave Oba mama fits now has been falling as we recover. This was not inflation but oil price speculation! By giving the these scums the money you and I paid it back through higher gas prices.

These gangster never pay for their crimes.

Gee were did we hear that little insight? (You can go back through my post to find it)

Did you get any of the money? Did you know that the banks can't give the money away because we are broke and can't pay it back!!!

Read the last sentences a couple of times and see if these people make any sense. The consumers in the world are broke and taxed to the Wazoo. Broke and unemployed can't buy shit.


And these genius' solution? Cut the military, cut Social Security, rob the Vets, and screw granny out of her Medicare, fire school teachers and cops. Oh yea, rob people out of their food stamps so the farmers go bankrupt! And let's not forget stealing money from the college kids so they will not be able to sustain a middle class lifestyle because they will be flipping hamburgers for the Chinese tourists .

Get it? We are not talking normal times here.

But the next election will save us if only you vote for the same assholes that got us into this DEPRESSION!

Come back a year or so and read this again.

The Fed is worried, and you should be too. That is the major take-away from yesterday’s FOMC statement, combined with its release of updated projections and Bernanke’s press conference. Despite the market’s cheering of the promise of a near-zero fed funds rate until late 2014 and the prospect of QE3, the Fed is fighting a lonely battle against severe economic headwinds—-and they know it. In answering a reporter’s question, Bernanke made it crystal-clear that he does not believe that the recently optimistic economic releases are sustainable. He has good reason to think so.

The FOMC reduced its current central tendency 2012 GDP growth projection from 2.5%- 2.9% to 2.2%-2.7% and its 2013 number from 3.0%-3.5% to 2.8%-3.2%.

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