Monday, November 14, 2011

You wonder who put these men in suits in charge?.....

We have all kinds of experts on T.V. or in the  government tell us what we have to do. Who put these guys in charge of the world? (hint: the people who own us! )

Common sense would tell anyone that the same people who have been fucking up the world for all these years can't ever get it  right by now no matter how many college degrees they show up for and then get hired by people who don't have a clue.

Or, as I contend, they know exactly what they're doing and it ain't to help the working stiff. Even if I'm a little paranoid or am being conspiratorial doesn't mean I'm full of it!

What's really fun is watching the "elections." What a sorry ass collection on both sides of the aisle. Mostly clueless and corrupt they are vying to be the "world leaders of tomorrow". They'll fit right in with the clowns in Europe who insist on stealing from the people who work for a living and pay their pay checks.

But not to worry, the T.V. will keep them quiet.....NOT!

Austerity Then And Now -
Today, by contrast, austerity is being imposed because men in suits say that it’s necessary to satisfy the invisible gods of the financial market. It’s understandable that the public is beginning to have its doubts, and not just because those invisible gods somehow demand sacrifices only from workers, never from the wealthy. For the fact is that those men in suits have no idea what they’re doing — a fact that was apparent to some of us early on, but it now becoming common knowledge.

And so if you want to contrast the stoicism of the postwar populace with the anger and confusion of today’s voters, don’t blame consumerism; blame our leaders, who have imposed gratuitous, unfair pain on their constituents, who are finally starting to figure it out.

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