Friday, November 04, 2011

This story brings back a few memories..

Seeing is believing but few want to admit it. Those of us with these experiences don't need convincing but sceptics talk to an invisible man in the sky and laugh at us. Or that a small cache of bones prove that we are here by accident.


Witnesses along New York's Route 207 pull over to watch 'hovering egg' UFO - National ufo |

A Rock Tavern, NY, witness along Route 207 reports watching a hovering elongated egg-shaped object with an amber-yellow glow to an outer aura, according to November 3, 2011, testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. The witness had just left a meeting and traveled down Route 207, where two people who had been in the meeting had stopped along the side of the road and were outside observing "the thing in the sky." "We all started yelling at each other over what we're looking at in disbelief," the witness stated. "We were off of Route 207, up the street from Toleman. The object was in the trees hovering and it appeared to be over the MTA refuge area. Stewart Airport gets a lot of aerial traffic, but this thing was just hovering, not on a schedule to get somewhere." The witness described the object. "It was shaped like an elongated egg next to a racquet ball next to an egg <0O0> where the ends slope down to a point with three interior compartments. It had an amber-yellow glow to the outer aura, with a brighter yellow-whitish pulsating inner glow. Each compartment appeared to have a black center to it. Three of us watched this thing for a few minutes as it was above the trees, but from our vantage point it appeared to be in the trees. It was in a north, northwest sky from us at 9:30-ish at night."

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