Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Are we enjoying the stock market yo yo?.....

Our Walmart stock has been the same price, after up and down bouncing, for 4 years. good thing we got a 15% discount buying and a 1.4% DIVIDEND which gives me a profit. And thanks to Walmart's 6% match in my 401k I picked up $2500 over the last 12 months. Patti did also. (add 180$ bonus each for Xmas is icing on the cake.)

I wish I could afford to buy more stock as Walmart isn't going anywhere barring Congress destroying the economy with "austerity" (a code word for screwing people out of their government guaranteed checks!) (I wonder if the vets think they are safe.)

By the way, has anyone been listening to the Republican pygmies debating ramping up military spending to keep conquering poverty stricken brown people and gutting the social network saving us from the evils of senior citizens voting for them.

What planet are these guys from? 

Once they seriously, read that again, seriously go after the money to "cut the deficit" where are they going to look? The deficit is in our hands, our bank accounts, paid to us or our overseas creditors. In order to cut it  it's either rob the old, rob the rich, rob the gun owners or rob foreigners.

Which one are you betting on?

Boy, who in their right minds are going to vote for the rich stealing our checks so they can pay back all the bankers and Wall Street scum bags who own our sorry asses!

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