Saturday, November 12, 2011

First snow headed this way...

70% chance sounds like a sure thing, LOL. Of course, it will be here all week just to piss me off! But that's what you get living this far north in Idaho.

At least our store sales are o.k. and expect a bonus this Xmas hopefully a couple of hundred wouldn't hurt. Patti got her walker and the company approved her using it so she's not as tired and she can walk much better.

I'm on a saving kick so we can get rid of the rest of our payments and retire early and go back into business while she's healthy enough to travel. Still need to but a newer RV as I sold the 5th wheel because it was a pain in the ass to camp in around here and I don't think using a camp ground makes much sense until after you retire and I want something to use in the meantime. Probably get one of these.

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