Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Our sales are up.....

We actually had a $12 bonus for last quarter and expect a bigger one this Xmas. Even local real estate is selling  here and there are  jobs to be found in the area.

Internationally, the banks are toast and could screw us over if, as I expect, we see a few countries default and take the banking system down. (I hope you have an account with a local credit union and beat the rush.)

If so, my Social Security check should be large enough to buy a villa in Greece or Italy, LOL.

Speaking of SS, rumor has it that the Dem's are conniving with the Repub's to "save Social Security" by stealing the money from my kids so they can chase goat herders in the Middle East.

If so, we will see a lot of new faces in Congress because Social Security funds are separate from the general funds unless these crooks rob the fund.

And then we need to vote the bastards out!

In the meantime, I'm on a get out of debt move so Patti can  retire early and visit the kids before she becomes to ill to do it. I'll stay at Walmart and find a few investments or start another business.

keep you posted.


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