Thursday, October 06, 2011

Why does the left think Oba mama is one of them?....

Because he ran as a Democrat? Must be. But he can't seem to leave invading countries left and right.  Of course. no president can buck the industrial-military establishment so I guess he has to keep using up those weapons and keep these fat cats giving him those big campaign contributions.

When ever anyone says there is a big difference between the Republicans and the Democrats, other than their bullshit, just re-read the above.

All politicians are hand picked by the money guys and then you get to vote for the pathetic clowns  presented as "the people's choice".

Do you really think they get all excited over which one wins? No. But they went nuts when Ross Perot pounded them into the sand and they had to force him out to quit ruining the feed bag.

Right now Oba mama is doing just fine by them as he made sure the gang got made whole from all the crimes they committed robbing you out of your home equity and 401k's. Now all they have to do is keep this  idiot to rob our Social Security and VA checks, right?

You think they won't?

Imagine the fees if 200 or 300 billion from Social Security went directly into the stock market, hmm? Think they might be tempted to fix a few elections?

And why do they laugh at Ron Paul? Can you imagine how ridiculous he would look killing the Defense budget?

How about an honest woman like Michelle Bachman? The poor thing doesn't have a clue on how our system works. No woman can win the nomination on the right? Too many people think woman are too flighty and emotional to handle the job let alone stand toe to toe with foreign leaders.

Cain is interesting as I've pointed out before. I think black is the way to go. Takes race baiting off the table but can the whites in the south support him? He has no political experience which is a plus for me because he'll be able to tell a lot of suck holes to drop dead. Of course, another great thing is he won't have Congress getting much done unless the Democrats get completely destroyed and lose control of the Senate then Congress might pass a bunch of big time budget cuts and we crash again.

Romney's toast! Northern liberals should just join the Democrats and get it over with! Bad enough he's a Mormon who wears magical underwear (all the devout wear special underwear considered sacred) but his pro-abortion, pro-illegal immigration, and especially, pro-gun control screws him royal!

Perry... Kind of guy you'd probably whore around with but he sure looks stupid. I mean even G.W. couldn't hold a candle to this guy. But in a match up between him and Romney, he's the nominee.

The rest don't matter. They are just on a traveling expense paid vacation. Some will be gone in a few weeks some will campaign forever, like Romney.

But the Empire is relatively safe as Oba mama looks much better next year when it comes down to nut crunching time and he gathers a half billion dollars or so to campaign with.

Now, he has a great deal of problems with his own base but they have no where to go because they are dewy eyed dreamers of Messianic bliss who only  pay attention to the elite who will simply tax the wealthy into the poor house to pay for handouts to the favored amongst us.

Get it?

And the Conservatives will hold their noses and vote for the same expert elites (the faces change but the same gang pulls the strings) who got us into this DEPRESSION in the first place!

William Blum :: Anti-Empire Report, Number 95
Libya: Unending American hostility

If I could publicly ask our beloved president one question, it would be this: "Mr. President, in your short time in office you've waged war against six countries — Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and Libya. This makes me wonder something. With all due respect: What is wrong with you?"

The American media has done its best to dismiss or ignore Libyan charges that NATO/US missiles have been killing civilians (the people they're supposedly protecting), at least up until the recent bombing "error" that was too blatant to be covered up. But who in the mainstream media has questioned the NATO/US charges that Libya was targeting and "massacring" Libyan civilians a few months ago, which, we've been told, is the reason for the Western powers attacks? Don't look to Al Jazeera for such questioning. The government of Qatar, which owns the station, has a deep-seated animosity toward Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and was itself a leading purveyor of the Libyan "massacre" stories, as well as playing a military role in the war against Tripoli. Al Jazeera's reporting on the subject has been so disgraceful I've stopped looking at the station.

Alain Juppé, Foreign Minister of France, which has been the leading force behind the attacks on Libya, spoke at the Brookings Institution in Washington on June 7. After his talk he was asked a question from the audience by local activist Ken Meyercord:

"An American observer of events in Libya has commented: 'The evidence was not persuasive that a large-scale massacre or genocide was either likely or imminent.' That comment was made by Richard Haass, President of our Council on Foreign Relations. If Mr. Haass is right, and he's a fairly knowledgeable fellow, then what NATO has done in Libya is attack a country that wasn't threatening anyone; in other words, aggression. Are you at all concerned that as NATO deals more and more death and destruction on the people of Libya that the International Criminal Court may decide

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