Monday, October 03, 2011

We still are in the toilet......

Not much to brag about in the economy. I don't expect much change until after the elections are over and all those new faces in Congress go after the budget.

Prepare for the worse!

Sales at the store are still soft but we are all still working and people are being hired. I expect to pay more for insurance as the gang on Wall Street sticks it to the little guy who is still working.

In depression periods like this a paycheck is like gold. Even bankrupt people will be given loans as the banks run out of customers. Interest rates are as close to zero to maintain prices and profits but change is a coming.

The "normal" boom after a recession I predicted is still a fizzle as the various state governments and most business' are cutting personnel.

In the meantime, those of us with jobs and credit are becoming VIP's. My credit union lends me money without down payments and told me they won't even bother checking my credit report!

I posted years ago get you budget in order, pay off your debts, borrow on free and clear assets and save as much as you can in your retirement account in U.S. bonds.

And I warned everyone about house or rent payments! The blood suckers won't do you any favors so don't buy a house using a bank. Plenty of people will take payments so don't tell me it can't be done.

Personally. I'm sticking to buying mobile homes and paying them off. You'd be surprised how good it feels to only pay $ 180 bucks a month on lot rent and save 400 or 500 a month. Especially come retirement time when I get my Social Security check and can go back into business and travel again after the Depression we are in alleviates. (Don't worry it will crash again because our economy is run by gangsters and idiots!)

If you want to get an idea when recovery is happening watch the price of oil. As it's price  goes down for an extended period  and gas price speculation ends the world economy booms.

Of course, This assumes the  main impetus for it to go down is when the pension funds finally settle down and quit speculating in commodities.

Be a while so don't bet the farm!

Periods of depression are no fun as fear pushes trillions of dollars back and forth in the market place and no steady investments can be done.

But the biggest reason for fear is the clowns in Washington. Can you see anyone there that you trust? Or even stand? Hopefully we'll get a new bunch to complain about because these guys are really hopeless.

Stay tuned.

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