Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I'm for Cain.....

Be fun to see Obama go after Cain for being a real American black. Or something. Of course, all Obama has to do is run on his record.

Here's a list of some his accomplishments:

Lost a filibuster proof Congress, passed a health care bill that no one knows what's in it and no one wants it, bailed out his pay masters on Wall Street, raised the price of used cars, revitalized the Republican party that was dead in 2008, threatened to cut Social Security and Medicare if the Republicans would only agree and destroy their election chances, and gave a lot of speeches that no one remembers.

There's probably more great accomplishments but nobody cares.

Now can he be beat?

It would be tough for Romney, a liberal Republican, to even do as well as McCain in 2008. At least Mac was a war hero to soften his Liberal image and Romney is a super rich guy who wears funny underwear.

Perry, a lot of money on hand, can stick around for quit awhile. He sounds like Bush only dumber so some liberal media types will keep him around.

So that leaves the Republican black guy. Lot of fun on TV, libertarian (not liberal) on abortion,  pro military spending, pays lip service to budget balancing, etc. Only thing he has to do is talk up Obama's economic non policy and remind people that Oba mama is a liar.

The rest are of the Republican field is toast because the media likes controversy and Cain v.s Obama is it and the white guys (and Bachman) are boring!

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