Saturday, October 08, 2011

Romney can't win in the south.....

He makes John McCain look like a fire breathing Reagan, for Christ's sake. And he comes across as "slick" which reminds Republicans of Clinton.

Perry is in deep do do because of his immigration amnesty for illegals children rewarded people for bringing children into the country and soaking the taxpayers who can't afford college for their own kids!

And the religious fanatics will never vote for a Mormon!

The Crash and Burn Death Spiral of the Perry Campaign | RedState
the majority of my tea party will do the same and believe they can’t trust a single word the media writes or utters(sadly FOX is now also in this category), short of Perry committing murder or a felony crime, all of these people will still vote for him. The same cannot be said about Romney- we hear an alarming amount of people stating(mostly the seniors) that they will not vote for him period. If there is a third party they will vote for that person instead . One elderly guy said very matter of factly to me,” If these young voters turn out to be fools and decide to go for ANOTHER greasy car salesman who will say anything to be elected then let them own it, I ain’t gonna live for ever and I will not vote for a non conservative, so if all that is left is a protest vote-so be it” I’ve said this many times, but IMHO, Romney cannot be elected in the South- he is pro/anti/pro/anti abortion and both he and his wife donated to Planned Parenthood,he is a decidedly anti-2nd amendment, big government, AGW believing, pro taxing and the real clincher is Romney care. Even selecting a Rubio or a southern VP will not save him with those stances. He has no chance whatsoever in our area. These meetings only solidify for me the feeling out here away from the D.C. beltway and metro areas.

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