Saturday, October 01, 2011

Make sure you use their card......

You'd have to be the stupidist shit on the planet to bank with these people. But they didn't get rich and huge because smart people bank with them and not use a credit union did they?

BofA has been ripping people off for years and guess what?......

These nitwits deserved it!

Have to emphasise time to pay down debts and clean up your credit as the economy tanks. I don't see much change coming until the 2012 elections are over. if your ready you can even get more bargains as the world economy deflates and interest rates continue to be so small as to be immaterial. For instance:

The monthly payment for borrowing 20 thousand for a car at 0 % over 5 years is  333.4 dollars per month. I can borrow 20000 at my credit union at 2.69 % for 5 years at approximately 350 a month. You'd save approximately 16 dollars a month, the price of a pizza.

You can see from the above that lowering interest rates is a waste of time because broke people don't borrow money from banks only from soft touch relatives and loan sharks last time I checked.

And consumers are still broke and will be as long as we slash government spending and take away their checks.

We can argue about reducing government spending during a boom and I can tell you a lot of our problems stem from cutting taxes on the rich under Bush and not shrinking the government under the Democrats in Congress.

But right now the voters are pissed from the liars in Washington bailing out the gang on Wall Street screwing us out of our homes and retirement monies.

And it will be exciting to watch the heads role next year and the new guys running around in Washington trying to stop the DEPRESSION!

Bank of America to charge $5 monthly fee for debit card purchases -
Most Bank of America customers will soon see a new charge on their statements -- $5 for any month in which they use a BofA debit card to make a purchase.

Consumers should prepare for more such charges, analysts say, as big banks strive to recover revenue they have lost to financial reforms adopted in the aftermatch of the economic meltdown.

The new Bank of America fee will be phased in early next year, said Anne Pace, a spokeswoman for BofA, the nation's largest retail bank.

Customers will still be able to use their cards at the bank's automated teller machines without being charged, the bank said Thursday.

They also can make debit purchases free if they have a mortgage from Bank of America or if they have a total of $20,000 on deposit at Bank of America and in certain Merrill Lynch accounts (you may recall that Bank of America's corporate parent bought Merrill Lynch as the financial crisis set in).

The bank, like others, has been testing ways to recover debit-card revenue that is going away because of new regulations.

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