Monday, February 22, 2010

These people are pathetic........

Poor people. Hero worship run amok and then ....smack. They might better get pissed at something important.... Like their credit card ripoff that the glorious leader supposidly fixed.

I know I know he's fucked even trying. The fix is in. I just got my Chase card statement. Used to be Wamu. My interest rate went from 12% to 28.24 last year. I guess they raised it because I've never missed a payment, on time, in almost three years. If they add a yearly fee they can stick it up their ass.

P.s my credit score has gone up by 70-80 points over that amount of time.

“Post Traumatic Obama-Abandoned-Us Syndrome: A Strategy for Progressives in the Age of Corporate Takeover « SpeakEasy
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February 20, 2010
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“Post Traumatic Obama-Abandoned-Us Syndrome: A Strategy for Progressives in the Age of Corporate Takeover

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By Michael Lerner

Close to 600 people in the San Francisco Bay Area gave up their President’s Day Monday vacation to spend some nine hours in a “Strategy Conference for Liberals and Progressives” to address “How To Support Obama to BE the Obama Americans Thought We Elected” and “How to Launch a Constitutional Amendment to Restrain Corporate Power” after the Supreme Court’s recent decision to allow unrestrained corporate spending on elections.

For many, just being in the context where this discussion was happening in a face-to-face encounter with others, rather than as isolated individuals reading it on a computer monitor, seemed an important step toward re-empowerment. Many are suffering from post-traumatic Obama abandonment syndrome — an ailment that came from being severely traumatized by Obama’s political moves in the past thirteen months. A palpable sadness, depression, anger and even despair carried by many who had worked for Obama and now felt betrayed by his choices in his first year in office was mixed with compassion and a strong determination to not allow the political Right to use our despair as their ticket to a political revival. The conference was conceived by Tikkun Magazine and its interfaith Network of Spiritual Progressives (including secular humanists and atheists who consider themselves “spiritual but NOT religious”) as a way to allow people who have been having these feelings privately to both receive the comfort of sharing those feelings with other liberals and progressives, and then to move beyond them to actually face the critical question: “What do we in the liberal and progressive world do now, if we face three, or hopefully seven, years of an Obama presidency?”

The first step toward answering that question was to grieve what we had lost, honestly acknowledging the painful, for many quite humiliating, fact that after having built so many walls of self-protection against allowing ourselves to get sucked into some new moment of idealism, we had allowed those walls to come down as we became energized about Obama, only to find that once again our hopes had been dashed. This was not a crew of hardened lefties who might say: “You were always foolish to hope in Obama — don’t you know that the military-industrial-health-agricultural-banking-investment-energy complex controls the society.” Most people in the room had already integrated that knowledge of corporate dominance, but rejected the notion that repeating its truth was a sufficient way to change it. Instead, they had imagined that Obama could play an important role in sustaining the powerful mobilization that had already occurred around his campaign, and direct it toward significant steps to challenge the corporate power in ways that might even excite and attract the tens of millions of Americans who don’t even bother to vote.
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