Monday, February 08, 2010

Change begins by looking into the mirror.......

You can't impose change peacefully. Never has happened never will. You simply have to start at home. Then you local community, county, state etc.

But , in the meantime, you die of old age.

Glenn Beck, States’ Rights, and the Myth of the Libertarian Dictator | Tenth Amendment Center
It is precisely because ignorant or malicious voters so often support government-sponsored looting of their neighbors that decentralized power is critical. Human beings are flawed, and even with the best of intentions may engage in behavior that is irrational or dishonest. However, the smaller the geographic or economic area that can be affected by a single misguided administration or policy, the more likely it is that enough citizens can be educated and motivated to fix the problem.

Or that they can physically relocate their tax dollars to a more suitable environment.

The entire point of freedom is to protect the right of someone else to do something you think is stupid, or even wrong. Otherwise, when the winds of popular opinion shift, who will protect your right to do the same?

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