Monday, February 01, 2010

I-pad made in China?.......


Hottest products we buy are stripping us of real wealth. We don't make much any more. we just sell ourselves down the river. Anyone remember Walmart advertising "made in America?" How about Nike's footwear? Maybe all those "American assembled" cars?

Need an explanation for our collapse just look there. P.S the world is awash in in oil and natural gas. Especially the good old U.S.A.

Why are we destroying oil producing countries? Follow the money. Your Congress man does.

Paulson's Return, Another Deficit Record, Marcellus Shale, Ron Paul and More! | 5 Min. Forecast
“I am an Apple fan,” a reader writes, “but I did turn over my MacBook Pro after reading Friday's column: designed in California, assembled in China.”

The 5: Remember the “We think, they sweat” crowd? They’ve believed Apple to be the epitome of a 21st-century “platform company” -- a global player with the cash, clout and clarity to play all the markets -- intellectual, manufacturing, consumer -- it needs to to achieve the lowest cost for production of goods and the highest margin from the end-user. At the time Apple made a $65 profit on every iPhone made. The Taiwanese producer made $4 per iPhone produced.

Even if the iPad becomes “the biggest product in history,” as Cramer suggested on The Chris Matthews Show yesterday, Apple is a good investment (potentially… we wouldn’t buy it). But is it really a representative sample of economic recovery in the U.S., as the reader on Friday suggested?

Of course it is. The Chinese will never actually figure out how to make their own gadgets… they’ll just keep pounding out those iPods for pennies on the dollar while Apple execs buy vacation homes.

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