Monday, February 15, 2010

Such a sorry bunch......

Republicans that is. The Dems are bad enough but they don't promise not to steal your money then steal your money. Nothing more pathetic than these clowns running around threatening everyone who votes with cutting their checks.

Once you get a government check theirs no way you will vote for some asshole to cut it let alone kill it completely. That's what budget cuts are all about. Stealing someone's handout. Not going to happen! Be prepared for more giveaways and "tax gimmicks" to keep these criminals in power.

Are we fucked or what?

Need to get in line and get yours. One thing about the Dems they only steal in public. The Repubs simply lie about it as they go along. After all no one ever lost an election by promising less to their voters.

As far as it goes, what difference does it make who's in office?

Pajamas Media » It’s Never Too Early for a 2012 GOP Primary Preview
can’t take it anymore! I have to comment on the 2012 race. I love analyzing presidential elections like a normal guy loves critiquing football coaches. I spend an inordinate amount of time looking at polls and studying the moves of every potential candidate. Already, two years before the primary elections and roughly a year before candidates start officially declaring their entry into the battle for the Republican presidential nomination, the advantages and dilemmas facing each aspirant are beginning to be seen.

The first batch of candidates we can look at are the candidates who need to come in the top three in Iowa to remain viable. The result of this first contest will decide which one or two social conservative darlings will continue as the race dwindles to two or three major contenders. Former Governor Mike Huckabee is having a great time as a TV host and says it is more likely than not that he will decline to run; Sarah Palin’s probable entry must influence that statement, although he could use his support of the FairTax to define his candidacy. Coming out of Iowa, only one of the two will survive if both run. Mitt Romney will also make a stand here, but the stakes are less high for him.

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