Thursday, February 18, 2010

Something refreshing about this blood thirsty bastard....

Why fuck around. Kill them all. Heh heh.

BLACKFIVE: Choosing to kill rather than capture?
I have praised President Obama for his continued use of drone strikes to take out terrorists. It is a direct way to create dead tangos and has the indirect effect of making them wonder whether they are being watched 24/7. However it is not and should not be a complete replacement for attempts to capture terror leaders for interrogation. As much as I enjoy doing the dance, dead tangos tell no tales. All the electronic surveillance in the world is less valuable than the information stored in a terrorist's head. Vaporizing it might feel good and is safe and simple, but it yields no actionable intel.

Recent reports point out that decisions such as closing Gitmo and the CIA interrogation program are severely limiting our option to capture bad guys instead of just returning them to their component molecules.

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