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Intro Playing Limit Holdem

Written by Mike Bernstein in the category Holdem Intro
Playing Limit Holdem

The game of texas holdem is the most played version of poker, and within it are two entirely different ways to play it. You can choose to play extreme stakes and play no limit, or you can take a more conservative approach and play limit. Both games are incredibly exciting and both have their positives and negative. This article will focus on limit poker and the strategies and tactics behind it. Coming soon will be an article on no-limit, but until now enjoy, learn, and good luck with the great game of limit texas holdem.

Before the Flop
Your starting hands in any poker game are the most crucial part of your game. Your discipline is very important, and your ability to be patient and wait for the right hand to play is very important. Occasionally you will need to mix up your play, and play starting hands you normally wouldn't, but that is to be explained in the future. In limit holdem poker, it is important to play good hands because your chances of bluffing and stealing a pot are limited since you can't bet without a limit. With that said I will give you a brief list of the appropriate hands that I suggest you call, bet, or raise with.


* Medium to high suited connectors

* Small pairs

* An Ace with any card above 7


* Two face cards (including Ace)

* Medium pocket pair

* High pocket pair

* Suited face cards

* AK, AQ, KQ


* High Pocket Pair

* Suited face cards

* AK, AQ

* High suited connector face cards

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