Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Republicans surrender….

No budget war nonsense for the whole year. Return the vet’s money promised upon enlistment. And Obamacare working….

These guys need to get a grip and find a new strategy. Scaring Wall Street, cutting defense, threatening Social Security, stealing pensions from GI’s, and then folding like a piece of wet card board….

Makes you want to run out and vote, right?….. NOT!

Of course, attacking government spending is an easy thing to do and gets you votes because we have so many innocents who vote and don’t realize they are voting to cut their own benefits while the Democrats keep theirs. And, all government spending goes to campaign contributors. (You think they give all that money for God and country? Politics is NOT rocket science…)

The Democrats say OK….

If you want to make government smaller quit hiring so many people and giving money away to the voters and the campaign contributors through new programs…(of course, then the economy tanks because that’s how it expands…don’t tell these people…)

Before I forget, there is nothing conservative about losing elections! Losers never get to rule! Christ, even the Socialist are more popular than the T-party guys…

Molon Labe…

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