Thursday, February 20, 2014

Another day of suffering in 80 degree weather..

Muffin and I getting spring fever as I go boat hunting. Have a dozen to choose from and that’s the problem. I always find a better one to go look at, lol.

Everybody in Florida doing fine. Flue for Tracy and kids last week but nothing dramatic.

Retirement working out for me as I’m finally coping with being alone.

So, go shopping!

Jeremy tells me Shane went to join the carnival. (We’re all gypsies, anyways, lol.)

Would like to go to California for the summer and metal detect for gold and see Mary and her kids.

Oh, it appears I’m now banned from the Town hall website as they keep removing my posts. Too controversial by reminding the nitwits that post there that the voters heard their conservative message and told them to drop dead!

They think that everyone should give up their government checks and give the money to the Republicans to spend on the rich farmers and the Pentagon. (some of them actually believe the politicians would simply save the money!)

Didn’t I tell you they were nitwits!

Molon Labe…