Thursday, February 27, 2014

It’s election time again..

Same old crap… stamp fraud, let’s reform the tax code. How about raising the minimum wage? Let’s cut military spending!!! Socials Security spending is bankrupting the universe, for Christ sakes. Let the geezers eat shit and die…..

Speaking of….make sure no Atheist are allowed or gays are allowed into the Republican party!  or. we all know how evil the Republicans are making us show a picture id to vote……

Please. This nonsense is called “show voting” proving what a good Republican or Democrat I am because….blah blah blah.

Read the whole interview with Cheney about military budget cuts (enacted about the time I become president, of course) from the leftwing blog, Salon:


Of course, as Think Progress noted back when Cheney began lobbying against defense cuts in 2012, the former vice president himself presided over a 25 percent cut to the defense budget back when he was defense secretary under George H.W. Bush. The fighting force was reduced by 500,000 active-duty soldiers, a move that was blessed by Joint Chiefs of Staff chair Colin Powell.

That was then. These cuts are the work of Obama’s team. So not only must they be attacked as dangerous, they’ve got to be framed as something the corrupt Chicago “gangster” is doing to reward his coalition of slackers, moochers and lazy white surfers.

Now, maybe it’s progress that Fox is making a white surfer the poster boy for food stamp abuse – but it’s the link to “Obama’s America” that updates Reagan’s old imagery about Cadillac-driving welfare queens and “young bucks” using food stamps to buy “T-bone steaks.”

In fact only 1 percent of SNAP funds are wasted in fraud. Three-quarters of SNAP households include an elderly or disabled person or a child, and fully 42 percent of adult recipients are also working, but making too little to feed themselves and their families. Among the nation’s food stamp recipients are almost a million military veterans, who were slurred by Cheney, and thousands of active duty military too. Military families spent $100 million in food stamp funds at military grocery stores in 2013.

Fox and Cheney don’t want you to think about the veteran or the soldier or the single mother or the disabled senior on food stamps.

Molon Labe…

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