Friday, February 21, 2014

Back on The Washington Times….

I get to tease these assholes, lol…(yes, I’m a prick) the Republicans gave almost a trillion to the gangsters on Wall street, two trillion or so to the Pentagon and another trillion or so to the rich farmers, And so they raise your taxes and cut your retirement benefits to pay for it….Is that cool or what?

And the Moonies at the Times defend and vote for these guys…..nuts, just nuts….

The Republicans made the same mistake....cutting retirement to the Vets and whining about Social Security....The only voting block that Romney won... retirees. Not that they need 40 million voters to defeat Hillary, of course.

So, let's keep attacking Republican voters. The Dem's won't mind

Besides, we no longer are using the Bush budgets (continuing resolutions) and the Republicans raised taxes on the working stiff last January 2013 (FISA tax)....feel better? 

But, The deficit is slowly falling.( it also helped cutting benefits to people who don't contribute to campaigns..)
And what with no cuts to Wall Street, the mega rich agricultural corporations, and the Pentagon's handouts and, let's not forget, the job creators sitting on their tax breaks...and you wonder why we still have deficits?...duh!

Best cure for deficits is a job for everybody who wants to work and out on the street for the bums who don't! And collecting more taxes...from people who escape because of their protection bought from Washington....

But, for the most part, the voters have heard the "cut the deficit" mantra and have told the politicians and their misguided constituents to drop dead!

Which means any "cuts" will be in the increases over the next hundred years. But, keep voting for these guys and maybe Jesus will come down and fix it for you, lol....

Oh yes, keep blaming it on Obama who couldn't get a budget passed to save his life. We need a good laugh!

Molon Labe...

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