Saturday, October 06, 2012

Which one, if any, of the clowns in Washington will vote for this?

Haven't we heard this nonsense before? The deficits are coming the deficits are coming, global warming will starve the polar bears, the commies are going to take over Hollywood and give us the clap, etc. etc. etc.

Amid anxiety about defense cuts, states brace for the other $500B hit | Fox News

Deadlocked lawmakers and defense contractors alike have been raising alarm about the more than half-trillion dollars in defense cuts poised to take effect starting in January because of Congress' failure to reach a more balanced deficit-reduction deal.  But there's another side to that budget ax that rarely gets mentioned -- another $500 billion in non-defense cuts that could do serious damage to education, research, safety net and other programs.  All those areas would be cut by nearly 8 percent over the next 10 years. Washington has already signaled drastic consequences for the automatic, across-the-board cuts known as sequestration, including the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office which says the cuts could stunt economic growth, increase unemployment and send the country into another recession. But state officials are also living in a state of uncertainty and anxiety over the non-defense cuts, as they consider where to find the money to cover the planned reduction in federal support. “There is a lot of uncertainty,” said Scott B. Pattison, executive director of the National Association of State Budget Officers. “States are waiting to see. And in some cases they might just have to say ‘Sorry, we no longer have any money'” for that program

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