Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Just when you thought it was safe to vote.....

Don't worry, you won't need your Social Security check, VA check, food stamps, unemployment check, disability check etc. because these guys are going to take them away from you.

Think Oba mama would save you? Jesus, you got to be kidding. Wall Street wants more and more. Even though SS and Medicare are funded by taxes and have surplusesused to hide the true defict amount.

Read that again and figure how cutting these programs running surpluses can lower deficits. No, you can't believe a word these crimi9nals tell you.

You probably heard it hear first, but deficits are always spent on us and are used to finance state expenditures. So, cut them and the states go bankrupt. Just where do these states get the education, highway, medical etc. matching funds?


Prepare to work underground to make a living because unemployment is here for many years and no one is safe and your total tax bill will be rediculous.


Before the Election was Over, Wall Street Won | NationofChange

Before the campaign contributors lavished billions of dollars on their favorite candidate; and long after they toast their winner or drink to forget their loser, Wall Street was already primed to continue its reign over the economy. For, after three debates (well, four), when it comes to banking, finance, and the ongoing subsidization of Wall Street, both presidential candidates and their parties’ attitudes toward the banking sector is similar  – i.e. it must be preserved – as is – at all costs, rhetoric to the contrary, aside. Obama hasn’t brought ‘sweeping reform’ upon the Establishment Banks, nor does Romney need to exude deregulatory babble, because nothing structurally substantive has been done to harness the biggest banks of the financial sector, enabled, as they are, by entities from the SEC to the Fed to the Treasury Department to the White House.

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