Monday, June 18, 2012

Who gives a shit!.....

Greece as Victim -

Ever since Greece hit the skids, we’ve heard a lot about what’s wrong with everything Greek. Some of the accusations are true, some are false — but all of them are beside the point. Yes, there are big failings in Greece’s economy, its politics and no doubt its society. But those failings aren’t what caused the crisis that is tearing Greece apart, and threatens to spread across Europe. Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times Paul Krugman Go to Columnist Page » Blog: The Conscience of a Liberal Related Worried Banks Resist Fiscal Union (June 18, 2012) Supporters of Bailout Claim Victory in Greek Election (June 18, 2012) Greek Election Defuses One Crisis, but More Lurk (June 18, 2012) Whatever Greek Voters Decide, the Euro Looks Likely to Suffer (June 17, 2012) Times Topic: Greece Related in Opinion Op-Ed Contributor: How Greece Squandered Its Freedom (June 15, 2012) Op-Ed Contributor: Paralysis in Athens (June 7, 2012) Connect With Us on Twitter For Op-Ed, follow @nytopinion and to hear from the editorial page editor, Andrew Rosenthal, follow @andyrNYT. Readers’ Comments Share your thoughts. Post a Comment » Read All Comments (272) » No, the origins of this disaster lie farther north, in Brussels, Frankfurt and Berlin, where officials created a deeply — perhaps fatally — flawed monetary system, then compounded the problems of that system by substituting moralizing for analysis. And the solution to the crisis, if there is one, will have to come from the same places.

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