Monday, June 11, 2012

Jesus made me do it....

Says so in the Bible. Honor your mother and father. Bitch.....LOL. At least ( we don't think) he didn't play stinky finger. Just put the fear of the Lord in her dumb ass......

He'll probably double the size of the church. After all, hating whitey works for Oba mama's preacher, Wright, didn't it? so, strangling an errant child should at leasty be good for a few new thousands in contributions, right?

Tell me again why anyone in their right minds would pay a bit of attention to these con artists? Remember Jimmy Swagart, Dolly Parton and Jerry Lee Lewis' cousin?

Got caught with paying for whores with contributions. But he was famous for blowing the whistle on Jimmy Baker for whoring around and robbing his own church.

How about Peter Popoff, exposed on TV using a ear piece to receive information from his wife while she was  in the audience suposidly talking to parisheners while Popoff was talking to their dead relatives. 

If you need more,go here for a partial list.

And we wont even bother with the Catholics. But what in the Hell is wrong with the Jews and Moslems. Got a be at least one scumbag but sex doesn't seem to be of much interest with these guys....Or they are just smarter and sneakier than the nitwits in Christianity!

Megachurch pastor Creflo Dollar denies punching, choking daughter - Washington Times

The Rev. Creflo Dollar on Sunday staunchly denied he punched and choked his 15-year-old daughter in an argument, telling the congregation of his Atlanta-area megachurch that the allegations made in a police report are nothing but “exaggeration and sensationalism.” “I will say this emphatically: I should have never been arrested,” Mr. Dollar said in his first public appearance two days after police charged him with misdemeanor counts of simple battery and cruelty to children. The pastor got an enthusiastic ovation as he took the pulpit at the World Changers Church International in this Atlanta suburb. He addressed the criminal charges head-on for several minutes before moving on to his sermon. “I want you all to hear personally from me that all is well in the Dollar household,” Mr. Dollar said.

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