Saturday, June 02, 2012

Living large at Wallyworld....

We setup the new trailer for the this week at work and then we head back to Bonners Ferry on Sunday to get fully moved in and get the mobile home ready for sale. Need to get rid of a few more bills, like internet and Netflix home delivery and take care of a lot of stuff.

We get a weak, but usable, internet connection from the parking lot but since we go to Mickey D's every morning for coffee no sense paying for surfing the web I just need to amplify the signal.

I plan on installing a couple of 12 volts outlets for the charger and maybe a crockpot, we'll see. Also, I need a wifi Antenna, bridge,  and router set up for a better internet connection.

Also, have a charger set up for the laptop and Ipad in the truck. Then I'll fire up the generator if we want to watch TV or a movie. Nice that Walmart has a Redbox less than a block away.

And it would appear that the batteries and tanks are holding up so no worry over hitching up and emptying them right away.

The only bad thing is that I lost my old buddy, Simon, who disappeared, a couple of nights ago. Put him outside and he was gone in the morning. Had him for 12 years doesn't feel right without him.

I'll only post a few times a week until I work out my internet connection.

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