Thursday, June 21, 2012

Told you they weren't serious about budget deficits.....

There will be no cuts no where no how! Not exactly rocket science that budget cutting, real budget cutting is not possible with our system of government . Too many voters too many on the big government tit.

And taking money out of our pockets destroys the economy. Proof? Watch Europe desintergrate until fiscal hawks are run out of office and then spend spend spend. (I'm betting they start using our dollar which means they have to take a big hit in wages and pensions or borrow from our Fed and knuckle under to our regime.)

We have to remember that all commodities on the planet are priced in dollars and we have the muscle to enforce it. Just ask the Arabs. Or the Iraqies. And let's not forget the idiots in Iran who are figuring it out. LOL.

Congress won't let Panetta close bases - Washington Times

Congress is poised to deliver a defeat to the Obama administration on one of its main defense policies in the new budget — base closings. Both the House and Senate Armed Services committees have produced fiscal 2013 spending bills that deny Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta’s request to set up a Base Realignment and Closure Commission (BRAC) next year — the sixth since 1988. Some in defense circles say it is the result of election-year politics and members of Congress will realize next year that they need to heed top Pentagon officials who have testified that they have too much infrastructure and not enough money. “It is election-year posturing,” said an aerospace executive who monitors BRAC. Others are not so sure, saying base closings would put thousands of people out of work in a tepid job market.

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