Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What should Congress do about the payroll tax...

Give it all back to us and let us spend it. We need the money in our hot little hands to restart the economy. That's what "lack of demand" means.

the public is broke and cutting their income is stupid.

By the way, Congress just approved $518 for Defense so the only cuts planned are my Social Security and my wifes Medicare. Oh yes, they might as well grab some of the VA money to because the clowns in Washington wouldn't want our Vets to think they are special.

Did you hear they want to cut the salaries in the Congress? Didn't think so. How about chauffeurs are they going to be cut? Anyone going to give up their bribe money?

And what do the pygmies running for president say they're going to cut?

Not to worry I'm betting on the black guy who doesn't have a bunch of ex wives waiting to be interviewed!!!

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