Sunday, December 04, 2011

Oh goody....unemployment stats are lies......

 Not much change so far. Too many people are not being counted so Oba mama looking better. We are in a depression. A series of boom and bust is continuing as all the speculation in the European economy will come home.

But it will improve enough saving Oba mama's second term. That's the way to bet because the Republicans are being blamed for getting  us into this mess and the same gang bought by the criminal element in Washington is still in charge.

As soon as the Europeans elect new governments this "boom" is over. Give it a few more years of grinding poverty and the destruction of the middle class who always pay the bills in any society.

Too many people can't get it through their heads that borrowing money eventually has to be paid back and it always cost more than you borrow. Eventually costing enough to bankrupt everyone and then they have to start over again, broke and without assets.

In history this is called a dark age.

Broke dicks revolt and murder the bankers and the tyrants that own them and eventually  strong men (kings) who control a gang of thugs come on to the scene to police them because law and order disappears.

But, no one believes it can happen "here" just ask the Romans, ancient Greeks, Byzantines, Egyptians, Napoleon French , and countless other know it alls.

Meh. And I Say That With Feeling -
December 2, 2011, 8:21 pm
Meh. And I Say That With Feeling

A belated reaction to today’s employment report (I’ve been closeted in a room with a bunch of men in suits, myself included, talking about the depressed and depressing world.) In a word: meh.

It could have been worse, but the basic story remains the same as it has been for 2 1/2 years: an economy that’s growing, but not enough to feel anything like a real recovery. The measured unemployment rate has trended down for a while, but it’s all basically reduced numbers of people actively searching. My favorite measure these days is the employment-population ratio for prime-age workers, which isn’t affected by changing demography. Here it is for the past decade; see the trend since the recession officially ended? Neither do I.

Of course, my meh corresponds to enormous and continuing waste, vast hardship, and millions of ruined lives. Maybe someone should do something.

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