Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Fed was suppose to bankrupt the economy, remember?

Every thing you have been told about our budget is a lie. The gang who runs our world wants our SS and VA money to gamble with on Wall Street and they will tell you anything to get it!

To scare the fuck out of us and get more money into their Ponzi schemes on Wall Street they invent nonsense about budget deficits and we have to be nice to rich people or they will take their money and hide it somewhere and all our children and grandchildren will have to sell pencils on the street and eat dirt.

No really, you just have to listen to these nut jobs!

Did they tell you we run deficits and the people end up employed and if we cut deficits we lose our jobs? Just where do they think these deficits go? It's paid by the government to all of us. We spend the money and the government taxes it back.

Deficits exploded because the Republicans cut taxes on the rich and the Democrats kept spending. Meaning that we ended up with too much cash floating around the world and driving up the prices of houses, oil, gold. etc. then the shit hit the fan and we lost our jobs, houses, credit, small businesses, etc. resulting in  millions receiving  unemployment, food stamps, heat and housing subsidies, temporary government jobs etc. etc. But the money is in our bank accounts, mattresses, IRA accounts on Wall Street, and consumer goods.

Too complicated?

Must be because a lot of people are voting for more as the world falls into depression and soon they will be murdering each other for "stealing their children's future" or something. Just ask my dad's generation of what the world went through the last time this happened.

And as I have been saying the money is coming back here as Europe dissolves in bankruptcy and the big money boys are looking for safety.

Called U.S. bonds this money is financing the next boom and leading to the next bust.

Anyone think this has never happened before?

Get your head out of your ass because under our fiat money system the rich guys who buy our politicians are going to crank up the printing presses to save their asses. And their flunkies in Washington are desperate to destroy Social Security and Medicare because big business wants a piece of this money and we are screwed!

And voting either party is pointless. They all agree we must pay for this.

And we will!

Mike Norman Economics: Fed "prints" $29 trillion. Dollar goes up!!
Fed "prints" $29 trillion. Dollar goes up!!

Peter Schiff, where are you?

Jimmy Rogers, are you awake?

Marc Faber, hello??

Laurence Kotlikoff, Ken Rogoff, Standard & Poor's, where have you all gone???

Ron Paul????

Rick Santelli?????

So we now find out, thanks to researchers at the UMKC, that the Fed "printed" over $29 trillion in the past three years (see prior post) and the dollar went...up???

Don't believe me? Have a look see:

So where have all these dollar bears gone? Why isn't anybody calling them out??

Their bogus dogma about "money printing" and "currency debasement" is about as flat as all the flat world theorist claims 500 years ago.

Time to wake up and relegate these clowns to the dustbin of failed economic theories. Time for everyone to get on board with MMT.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention...Treasuries surged over that course of time!

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