Thursday, December 08, 2011

Nothing like lying to start the day....

European nations are not sovereign in their own currency. Therefor,  they are screwed. And just  like in 1945, we'll have to bail them out because our ruling elites are up to their necks with the rest of the criminals ruling our world.

–Two headlines revealing the pro-rich, anti-middle, anti-poor austerity efforts of the media « #Monetary Sovereignty – Mitchell
“Europe wept, still cut the debt”

The editorial goes on to say:

. . . Europe is starting to show the U.S. how to put an overspent, overborrowed economy back on track.

The key is establishing a credible plan to get out of debt . . . Announcing necessary cuts to an unaffordable pension system on Sunday, (Italian Welfare Minister Elsa) Fornero got choked up. She started to explain at a press conference, that Italy’s government had no choice but to require shared sacrifice.
What we wouldn’t give to see the cast of characters running Washington and Springfield take ownership of the financial mess they’ve put us in, and take action to get us out before we’re in as dire straits as Italy.

Some of you already may have puked at the implied and actual disinformation in this editorial. For the rest of you, let me explain.

Because the U.S. federal government is Monetarily Sovereign in the dollar, it can fund any amount of spending in its sovereign currency, without taxes or borrowing, limited only by inflation. Italy is monetarily non-sovereign. It uses the euro, over which it has no control. Two, diametrically opposite situations, requiring opposite action.

Like Italy, the U.S. states, counties and cities are monetarily non-sovereign, which is why they can have the difficulty paying their bills — a difficulty the federal government never has.

In short, any comparisons between the U.S. financial position and Italy’s are false — outright lies intended to deceive you in the 99%.

And as for “shared sacrifice,” what

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