Friday, March 15, 2013

We really have to read the mainstream media with a grain of salt....

First, there have not been any balanced budgets in our lifetime. The government just runs deficits off the books.....these expenditures are referred to as "off budget outlays". Second, our Social Security trust funds have been used to cover up deficits making the Clinton years look good. And third, the boom under Clinton was the results of REGANOMICS!

And fourth, budget deficits are accounting gimmicks to rally or scare the shit out of uninformed voters who believe that government spending disappears down a rat hole and we will go bankrupt paying it back......

Now, keeping the government small has been a grand goal because the government now owns us and the gang who owns the government controls the global empire our forefathers created to make us the wealthiest people in history. And they will kill or imprison you to keep it that way.

I have no problem with you and I controlling the empire through honest government but we ain't there, are we? The rot is at the very top. Proven every election that very few, if any, candidate can get elected unless he joins the gang in Washington and takes their money and do what he is told.

Most of the time these people are threatening our old age insurance so they can bomb the Hell out little brown people around the world. Even though the brown people have nothing but their bodies to fight back with. So, the net result? We wont rob the old geezers if you just leave our military budget alone (Ever not wonder where all the deficit spending comes from?)

Ron Paul had a point that if we would quit fucking with these unimportant countries most of our international problems would go away. Remember, we bribe them instead with sex, drugs and rock n roll and make them like us, Americans.

But, who wants to Americanize these people when we can simply scare the shit out of ninnies and little old ladies here in the states to vote and give money to the gang that owns us to keep killing them.

These people , like the Japanese and now Chinese, would make good little consumers if given a chance. But the war machine must continue because all those billions are spent and create jobs and votes.

By the way, I am all for empire. I believe everybody on the planet should be able to eat, sleep, fuck and shit without being bombed let alone imprisoned for opening their mouths. One thing I've learned that most people would prefer to be bought!! 

Let's start with offering anyone who can read and write English citizenship. Then we can tax them for Social Security and Medicare and leave the sick and dying alone.

Do you see why I can no longer support the Republicans or Democrats. They thrive on bribes, fear mongering and asinine economic theories!!

Balanced Budget Fight Is Philosophical and Fiscal -

The handful of balanced budgets achieved in the past four decades have tended to be the result of a strong economy. The surpluses of the late 1990s, for instance, came about in no small part because of unexpectedly strong economic growth and a bubble in the stock market, as well as tax increases and spending cuts during the Clinton administration. Now, how and whether to get back to a balanced budget seems to be a new fight between Democrats and Republicans. “It will generate a debate over the appropriate goal of long-term fiscal policy,” wrote William A. Galston of the Brookings Institution in an analysis of Mr. Ryan’s budget plan. “Is it to eliminate the deficit and the debt, to ensure that the debt does not rise as a share of G.D.P., or something in between?”

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