Wednesday, March 06, 2013

These cuts are unnecessary....


With an official unemployment rate of over 8 per cent destroying jobs is nuts. Cutting benefits to anyone leads to new faces in Washington who haven't a clue of what to do.. Of course, the old faces don't either. We need to quit panicking over accounting gimmicks and concentrate on our government quit growing us into a dictatorship or revolution.

The only way to do that is quit creating new entitlements and programs not slash our economy into depression levels and then we find an Emperor to make it all better. I'm an Empire kind of guy as i believe everyone on the plane deserves to be an American citizen if they want and we have no business killing them when we can just bribe them.

Just imagine a thousand nuts blowing themselves up in our shopping malls or court houses. The only way right now is to spy on everybody and arrest anyone that fits the profile.

Even writting a blog could get you arrested! 

By the way, my solution would work with Mexicans too. Just fine them for their crime of illegal entry and after an appropriate waiting period, swear them in and start collecting taxes.

Read the followin piece on line and you'll find that I've answered his question about saving Social Security....TAX THE SHIT OUT OF THEM!!! 


Why Sequester May Be Exactly the Right Policy for the Economy

To put it differently, no matter what budget reforms we enact, we have a long-term care problem — not a long-term deficit problem. Even if we dramatically cut down on the long-term deficit by slashing entitlement spending, so that any care in excess of that has to be funded privately, we'll still face the same challenge. That challenge cannot really be solved through budgets. No matter how much we tax now, no matter how much we save now, in the future the economy will be limited to what it is able to produce. The challenge is to set that limit as high as possible, so there is as much as possible for the young and the old to divide it among themselves according to market processes. The point is that we're going to work, one way or another, to keep an elderly population in decent conditions. Whether we do this by making sure Social Security is self-funding through benefit cuts or tax hikes, or by creating structures that encourage people to have more children who can care for them, or by some other means, is secondary at best.

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