Sunday, March 17, 2013

Now he's on everybody's hit list......

Boner's on a roll./ Let's see what this little bit of honesty in Washington gets him. The crisis is political not economic but don't tell the brainwashed voters who believe that even Jesus can't save us from the big bad deficit!

Boehner: No US debt crisis right now, but it's on the horizon | Fox News

House Speaker John Boehner broke from some Republicans on Sunday when he agreed with President Obama and other Democrats who say the country does not have an immediate debt crisis. “We do not have an immediate debt crisis,” the Ohio Republican said on ABC’s “This Week.” However, Boehner said such a crisis is on the horizon and disagreed with Obama about the need to fix the problem now. “We have one looming because we have entitlement programs that are not sustainable in their current form. They’re going to go bankrupt,” he said. “I would argue that we do need to do something.”

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