Sunday, November 18, 2012

Here's my post on the Washington Times newspaper...........

KNIGHT: Casting blame at conservatives for Romney's defeat - Washington Times

Two years ago the Republicans slaughtered the Democrats with the same voters they got this time minus the independents and conservatives who didn't vote for a liberal Republican who was seen as out of touch with me and you.

The very same people who foisted Romney off on us are now pointing fingers to divert your attention from their mistake. They went on TV and proclaimed Romney the chosen one and there was nothing we, the base voters, could do about it.  

Do you really believe that the voters didn't know that Obama had any policies other than tax and spend? Then what were the Republicans going to do about it? What was Romney's plan for the next four years and why was it such a secret? What cuts to our insurance plans, Social Security and Medicare, did he expect us to allow when we are broke and his class, the very people that profited off of this economic collapse, was to be allowed to keep every dime.

There's more but the Republicans made it too easy for the Democrats to play the class and race warfare card let alone the fairness of the greedy v.s the working stiff.

So, let's not listen to the losers who created this disaster and remember that when a Washington outsider runs as a conservative he wins every time as president and when two liberals run in an election the liberal always wins!!!!

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